About Us


Quintus Shipping Limited are brokers specialised in the particular field of the sale and purchase of floating dry docks worldwide. The company was incorporated in 1987 and has specialised in this area since the mid 1990s after an initial period working with major US publicly listed shipping companies associated with pre purchase ship inspections, supply of spare parts and similar shipping related activities. The change of activities followed the recognition that there were no brokers who focussed and specialised in the specific field of floating dry docks and many of the leading shipyards expressed their desire to work with a specialist broker in the field if there was one.

The owner and managing director, Christopher Murthi, has a marine engineering background with experience as a shipboard engineer (up to chief engineer level), superintendent engineer and technical manager of various types of vessels and newbuilding construction as well as experience as a classification society surveyor. Coupled with a post graduate degree in Shipping, Trade and Finance, he has been the driving force behind the brokerage activities and his past experience and expertise and worldwide connections in the ship and offshore repair and ship construction fields has been of great assistance is assisting both Buyers and Sellers of docks, worldwide, in their sale or procurement endeavours. Christopher Murthi is now assisted by his son, Arnold, who has spent time in shipyards in Europe, South Africa and the Caribbean. Arnold graduated in economics before undertaking a postgraduate in the same field.


We prefer to use the word partners as we feel that it reflects better the service that we provide. These partners, be they Port Authorities, Towage & Transport Companies, Warranty Surveyors, or Design companies, are based around the World and, as such, allow us to cater our services for the individual requirements on a case by case basis.


Quintus Shipping Limited has a wealth of experience relating to the contracting and sale of new construction and used floating drydocks worldwide from and to shipyards in all continents, as well as some docks for which we have arranged repairs and dry dockings.

We have, consequently, developed an extremely good working relationship with the owners and senior executives of major shipyards worldwide which allows us access directly to them in case of need. Furthermore, we have developed a keen understanding of the cultures and sensitivities of the various nationalities around the world which has enabled us to work in harmony and understanding with all of them. We have very seldom had any issues working with any shipyards and have always been able to smooth over any difficulties (which invariably arise in cases of buying and selling dry docks) without causing offense to either party and without the need to resort to legal action by either party.

We are proud to note that over the past 20 years of brokering the sale and purchase of floating dry docks and other equipment for shipyards, whether used or new, not a single project with which we have been involved has resulted in the need for either party to resort to any sort of legal action or to pursue any claims for performance related damages. Nor have there been any claims from transport companies due to delays in the docks not being ready for transport at the appropriate time.


Over the years, Quintus Shipping Limited have been asked to provide valuations on floating docks for various yards worldwide. In the main, these have been provided for submission to the auditors of the respective yards, who have been appointed from various companies of good repute.